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CDI Diagram.jpg

To wire up the stock mbk cdi stator to the unlimited Yamaha box, follow this: The Stator Black wire is the frame ground, wire it to somewhere on the frame itself The stator yellow wire is the 12v lighting & accessories circuit, wire that to your headlight and taillight The stator red wire is for the ignition timing which goes to the Yamaha CDI’s white and red wire The CDI box’s orange wire goes to the high tension coil, thats the plug facing down to the ground on the white HT box The CDI box’s black wire goes to ground out both the HT coil and the motor, so ground that out to the motor either by having the wire squished under one of the crank case bolts or to the long bolt that the motor pivots on. The Stator’s green wire goes to the CDI box’s black and red wire, I have no idea what it does but it completes some sort of a circuit and is essential for it to run. The CDI box’s black and white wire, when grounded out to the frame, will be your kill switch. Wire it to one side of a DC toggle switch and have the other side be wired to your frame.