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== Welcome to Moped Wiki ==
welcome this is kanhaiya founder and ceo of [[alksoftco.com]]
This is a comprehensive [[moped]] encyclopedia that ''anyone'' can edit. We are [[Special:Recentchanges|currently editing]] over [[Special:Mostrevisions|{{NUMBEROFARTICLES}}]] articles, and [[Help:Contents|you can help]]! Check out [https://www.mopedarmy.com/wiki/popular/ Popular Pages] for the most viewed articles.
This wiki is dedicated to information about [[moped]]s. Expanding it to become the ultimate moped resource will require your help, not only to add new information but also to edit and add to what others have written. On a wiki, everyone is able to create and edit pages; this is a collaborative process where no one person owns the authorship on a particular article.
Moped Wiki is for '''factual knowledge and information'''. Please continue to use the [http://www.mopedarmy.com/forums/ forums] for general discussion and debates with other moped enthusiasts.
'''New to this site?''' Read the [[General FAQ|FAQ's]] and [[Forum etiquette|etiquette guide]]!
=== General Wiki Help ===
*[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Main_Page Wikipedia] → see how a wiki works
*[http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Help:Contents User's Guide] → information on using wiki software
*[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Manual_of_Style Style Guide] → guide to informative and unbiased writing
=== Moped Wiki Guide ===
*[[Help:Contents|Help Pages]]
*[[Special:Wantedpages|Wanted Pages]]
*[[:Category:Stubs|Stub Pages]]
== Selected Articles and Categories ==
=== Popular Articles ===
[[Fred's Guide]], [[Shop links]], [[Moped tuners spreadsheet|Tuning spreadsheet]], [[Rebuild a Puch E50 Engine|E50 rebuild]], [[Removing rust from a gas tank|Gas tank rust removal]], [[Moped Laws: United States|U.S. Moped Laws]], [[Moped Parts: Buyer/Seller Lists|Moped Parts: Buyer/Seller Lists]]
See [https://www.mopedarmy.com/wiki/popular/ Popular Pages] for the top 200 most viewed articles in the last 30 days.
=== The People ===
[[Moped Army]], [[:Category:Branches|Moped Army Branches]], [[Moped Gangs and Groups]], [[:Category:Moped Culture|Moped Culture]], [[:Category:Moped Events|Moped Events]], [[Moped Houses]]
=== Resources ===
[[:Category:Moped laws|Moped Laws]], [[:Category:Moped Safety|Moped Safety]], [[:Category:Moped routes|Moped Routes]], [[:Category:Moped Shops|Moped Shops]], 
[[:Category:Moped links|Moped Web Links]],[[:Category:For Newbies|For Newbies]]
=== Moped Brands ===
[[Angel|Angel]], [[Baretta|Baretta]], [[:Category: Batavus|Batavus]], [[Benelli|Benelli]], [[:Category:Daihatsu|Daihatsu]], [[:Category:Demm|Demm]], [[:Category:Derbi|Derbi]], [[DKW|DKW]], [[:Category: Flandria|Flandria]], [[:Category: Garelli |Garelli]], [[:Category:GenZe|GenZe]], [[:Category: Hero-Majestic |Hero-Majestic]], [[:Category: Honda|Honda]], [[Indian]], [[:Category: Jawa|Jawa]], [[:Category: Kreidler|Kreidler]], [[:Category: KTM|KTM]], [[:Category:Minarelli|Minarelli]], [[:Category:Morini|Morini]], [[:Category:Motobecane|Motobecane]], [[:Category:Puch|Puch]], [[:Category:Peugeot|Peugeot]], [[Piaggio]], [[:Category:Raleigh|Raleigh]], [[:Category:Sachs|Sachs]], [[Suvega|Suvega]], [[:Category:Suzuki|Suzuki]], [[:Category:Tomos|Tomos]], [[:Category:Velosolex/Solex|Velosolex/Solex]], [[:Category:Vespa/Kinetic|Vespa and Kinetic]], [[:Category:Yamaha|Yamaha]]
=== Knowledge Base ===
[[:Category:Moped Brands|Moped Brands]], [[:Category:Moped Models|Moped Models]] , [[:Category: Moped Jargon|Moped Jargon]], [[:Category: Moped parts|Moped Parts]], [[:Category: Parts|Parts by Make or Model]],  [[3D_Printed_Parts|3D Printed Parts]] , [[Moped Prices|Moped Prices]]
=== Tech Support ===
[[Repair manual links]], [[List of wiring diagrams]], [[:Category: Repair tutorials|Repair Tutorials]], [[:Category: Modification Tutorials|Modification Tutorials]], [[:Category: Miscellaneous Tutorials|Miscellaneous Tutorials]], [[:Category:Performance Tuning|Performance Tuning]], [[Parts crossover|Parts Crossover]]
== Adding to the Wiki ==
To make a new page on a wiki, you just go to a page that doesn't exist and edit it. You can do this in 3 ways:
* [[Special:Search|Search]] for something, have it ''not'' be found, and choose to create it
* Follow [[red links]], which are internal wiki links to pages that don't yet exist
* Just type in a wiki URL that doesn't yet exist
As things fill, pages will be interconnected through links. You can help this process by adding wiki links on keywords in any article you write, even if the pages do not yet exist. Also, please remember to link any articles you write to the appropriate category or categories.
'''This wiki will be as useful as you make it; everyone has the power to contribute.'''

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welcome this is kanhaiya founder and ceo of alksoftco.com