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We're the Glorified Bicycle Army. We act like we're tough shit but we'd kiss your feet to avoid you kicking our asses for provoking you. We LOVE to use illegal drugs. Our heroes are Barney the Dinosaur, Pee-Wee Herman, and the Tele-Tubbies. We believe child killers should be babied instead of executed. We don't support the US Constitution because we think everybody should be a Sheeple. We're into Zoophilia and Necrophilia. We play Pokemon because the animals on the cards are cute. We live in our parent's basements because we're scared to be on our own. We call ourselves an Army to make use feel good. We think it's better to be book smart than to have good old fashioned common sense. When somebody get the better of us we do stupid shit like send them useless magazines because we think that'll make them stop. We have others solve our problems instead of doing it ourselves. We like to say we go to bars but in reality we don't because we'd get our asses laughed right out of the building. We like playing Hopscotch. We have Wet Dreams about family members.