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:''The term '''Moped Army''' also refers to a [[Moped Army (graphic novel)|graphic novel of the same name]] authored by Paul Sizer.''
The '''Moped Army''' is a group of avid [[moped]] riders, originally formed as the [[Decepticons]] in 1997.  Eventually, as other moped riders showed an interest in creating their own branches associated with the Decepticons, the Moped Army was formed, with the Decepticons summarily becoming a branch of the Moped Army.
The organization is comprised of self-governing branches which implement their own criteria regarding membership and organize their own activities.
The Moped Army recognizes three classes of members:
* '''Members''', who are active within their branch
* '''Scouts''', who have left the geographic boundaries of their branch, and
* '''Honorary''', who have helped the development of a branch without necessarily having become a member.
Each branch, further, keeps a list of retired and deceased members.
== Current Branches ==
* [[The Action City Rockers]] (Austin, Texas)
* [[BLK BLK]] (Denver, Colorado)
* [[The Bombardment Society]] (Cincinnati, Ohio)
* [[Bourbon Bandits]] (Louisville, Kentucky)
* [[Cream City Cranks]] (Milwaukee, Wisconsin)
* [[Creatures of the Loin]] (San Francisco, California)
* [[Decepticons]] (Kalamazoo, Michigan)
* [[Ghost Riders]] (Grand Rapids, Michigan)
* [[The Guns]] (Ann Arbor, Michigan)
* [[Hells Satans]] (Richmond, Virginia)
* [[Hot N' Ready's (HnR)]] (Chicago, Illinois)
* [[Landsquids]] (Sacramento, California)
* [[Latebirds]] (Los Angeles, California)
* [[Los dorados]] (Reno, Nevada)
* [[Mission 23]] (Brooklyn, New York)
* [[Mosquito Fleet]] (Seattle, Washington)
* [[Motion Left]] (Elkhart, Indiana)
* [[Orphans]] (Brooklyn, New York)
* [[Peddy Cash]] (Chicago, Illinois)
* [[Puddle Cutters]] (Portland, Oregon)
* [[The Tom Cruisers]] (Tempe, Arizona)
* [[White Line Riders]] (Wilmington, North Carolina)
== Previous Branches ==
* [[Buffalo Boys]] (Souix Falls, South Dakota)
* [[Hell's Bombshells]] (Austin, Texas)
* [[Janus]] (Sioux Falls, South Dakota)
* [[kHz]] (Boston, Massachusetts)
* [[Local Heroes]] (New Brunswick, New Jersey)
* [[Members Only]] (Albuquerque, New Mexico)
* [[Moped Militia]] (Chico, California)
* [[Noviy Lef]] (Dearborn, Michigan; merged with [[The Guns]])
* [[One Screw Loose]] (Cumberland, Maryland)
* [[Retrospecs]] (Minneapolis, Minnesota)
* [[switcHANDsignal]] (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)
* [[The Alphas]] (Tucson, Arizona)
* [[The Blue Shirt Holiday]] (Bethlehem, Pennsylvania)
* [[The Thundercats]] (Odessa, Texas)
* [[The Titans]] (Keansburg, New Jersey)
* [[The Variators]] (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)
* [[50:1]] (Portland, Maine)
== Older Affiliations ==
Before it was known as Moped Army the Decepticons expanded under the name Decepticon Army. Members were affiliated using code names based on the first letter of their city and area code. These affiliations were not as autonomous or structured as today's branches.
* [[K6-16]] (Kalamazoo, Michigan)
* [[C6-17]] (Cambridge, Massachusetts)
* [[L9-09]] (LaVerne, California)
* [[S2-06]] (Seattle, Washington)
* [[S2-07]] (Springvale, Maine)
== Unaffiliated Gangs and Groups ==
These groups consist of riders who are not Moped Army riders. Some of them are more official and are attempting to become official Branches, while others are groups of friends who just ride.
''For a complete list of gangs and groups see: [[Moped Gangs and Groups]]''
* [[Black pipes]] (Youngstown, Ohio)
* [[Breakfast Mafia, The|Breakfast Mafia]] (Kansas City, Missouri) <small>[http://www.breakfastmafiakc.com BM website]</small>
* Bropeds (Bloomington, Indiana) [http://www.myspace.com/thebropeds]
* Buzz Killers (Jacksonville, Forida) [http://www.buzzkillers.info]
* [[The Children|Children]] (San Francisco, California)
* [[Cold Trailers]] (Lawrence, Kansas)
* Committee of Public Safety  (Eugene, Oregon) [http://www.myspace.com/eugenemopeds]
* [[Cuperteens]]  (Cupertino, California)
* [[Daggrs]] (Thousand Oaks, CA) <small>[http://daggrs.homestead.com/daggrs-castle.html old website] </small>
* [[Decade Sparrows]] (Logan, Utah)
* Dustmites (Mesa, AZ) <small>[http://thedustmites.ning.com Dustmites website]</small>
* Ghost Planet Militia (Ft. Myers, Florida/Indianapolis, Indiana)
* [[It Ran Earlier|It Ran Earlier (I.R.E.)]]  (St. Louis, Missouri) <small>[http://www.mopedstl.com I.R.E. website]</small>
* The Lafayetis (Lafayette, Indiana)
* MPLS Mopeds  (Minneapolis, Minnesota) <small>[http://mplsmopeds.com Mpls Mopeds website]</small>
* MONO (New Orleans, LA) [http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.1012417959937.2214.1509681605#!/pages/Moped-Order-of-New-Orleans-MONO/111169365612763 Moped Order of New Orleans]
* Moving Targets (Chesterton, Indiana)
* [[Mopedhead]] (San Jose, California)
* [[Ohpeds]] (Cleveland/Akron/Canton, Ohio) <small>[http://www.ohpeds.com OHpeds website]</small>
* [[Prophets of Doom]] (Richmond, Virginia) <small>[http://www.mopedarmy.com/wiki/Prophets_of_Doom]</small>
* [[Swoop Jockeys]] (Atlanta, Georgia)
* [[Sunset Riders]] (San Fransisco, California)<small>[http://www.myspace.com/sunsetriderssf Sunset Riders Myspace]</small>
* [[The Dirty Petcocks]] [http://www.the-dirty-petcocks.tumblr.com
* The [[Rip Rips]] (Tampa, Fl)
* The Stampede (Westport, Massachusetts) [http://www.myspace.com/themopedstampede]
* [[The Summerai]] (Green Bay, Wisconsin)
* [[Unholy Smokers]] (Madison, Wisconsin)
* [[Treats]] (San Francisco, California)
* [[Las Tortugas]] (Tucson, Arizona)  [http://www.lastortugasmopeds.ning.com]
* [[Uphill Battle]] (Portland Oregon)
* West Side Devils (Athens, Ohio) [http://www.mopedarmy.com/wiki/West_Side_Devils]
* [[Woolly Bullies]] (Los Angeles California)
==Related Links==
*[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Moped_Army Wikipedia's Article on Moped Army]
*[[Moped Gangs and Groups]] - a complete list of moped gangs worldwide
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