Moped Houses

A Moped House is a living space where one or more mopeders live, work on mopeds, and host guest mopeders

  • R the space can be used by non-members to repair their bike
  • S mopeders can sleep/stay at this location overnight
  • MO is a members only location
  • dead is not in existence anymore, disbanded, or no longer a moped house

Note: do not include any contact info on the wiki, if you do it will be removed and you will be redbooked

post on the MA General Forum if you are interested in getting in touch with a moped house

North America

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See Also

  • Moped Gangs and Groups - so you can see if there even is a gang in that city/state
  • Moped Shops - if you have to pay to get your bike fixed
  • CouchSurfing - if you can't find mopeders to stay with, you can always find spots to crash here