Moped tuners spreadsheet

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This spreadsheet is a knowledge base for the performance of different moped/cylinder/kit/carb/jet/exhaust combinations. All of your performance-related and jetting questions are likely answered within, so you can get a good idea of where to start your particular setup without asking on the forums. Check it out, and add to it if you can!

Spreadsheet uses tabs to separate Moped models.

Add your moped to the tuning spreadsheet I DONT THINK ANYONE UPDATES THIS!!!
View the old uneditable tuning spreadsheet

This tuning speadsheet is editable

The "add your moped to the tuning spreadsheet" link will take you to a form that you can fill out. Responses to that form are automatically added to a temporary spreadsheet. The entries from the temporary spreadsheet are manually added to the main spreadsheet every so often. This system is intended to increase response consistency and reduce vandalism so that the spreadsheet remains useful and accessible to everyone.

Contribute your jetting to Garage

Along with the Tuning Spreadsheet, another option is Garage AutoTuner. It is a database driven jetting suggestion engine powered by real data from moped builds. You pick your cylinder and your carburetor, and AutoTuner gets you to a starting point on jetting.