Mopeds on television

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Quantum Leap

An Episode when Sam has to go to a Frat House. Outside lies a moped.

Orange County Choppers, Discovery Channel

The whole crew of OCC rode mopeds during an episode of their Discovery Channel show. This was a notable sighting because Mikey, often portrayed as the black sheep of the family, shouted out "This is the most fun I've had in my entire life."

Just For Laughs Gags

A sketch on the Just For Laughs Gags show featured a Sachs moped that was placed behind a car in a convenience store parking lot. The moped was loosely bolted together so that when the person who owned the vehicle moved the moped to leave, it collapsed. Following that, the moped "owner" would appear to find a broken moped and look distrought.

My Name is Earl

On an episode of My name is Earl, Earl's brother Randy tempts fate by purchasing a moped with money he should have given to the I.R.S. The moped is destroyed in an accident shortly after. Even though he owned the moped for less than a week his first idea was creating a moped gang with his friend "Crab Man". The gang was to be called "Salt and Pepper" (because they both like salt and pepper on their fries). The producers of 'My Name is Earl' bought bought 2 Tomos mopeds from Myrons Mopeds as reported by Byron of Myron's.

Talking to Crabman about the Moped Gang and ends with him smashing into the pothole.
“I feel so alive…”
“that’s a cool moped Randy, looks like a motorcycle had sex with a bicycle”
“You should get one too…and then we can start a moped gang”

Just Shoot Me

Audio only, David Spade begs the boss for a new moped [1] (mp3)

MTV -- Rise Against Music Video

This video premiered on September 22, 2008, and features members of Chicago's Peddy Cash. Also see the forum discussion about this video.

TLC -- Jon & Kate Plus Eight

On Season 4 episode 31, the Gosselins are asked what they will do once all 8 of their kids are old enough to drive, and whether or not they will buy them all cars. Jon jokes by saying "By then they can all have mopeds. They can start a gang!"

FX - Baskets

In Season 1 episode 7, Chip (Zac Galifianakis) is made to entertain a family at a kid’s birthday party. Illprepared, he begins to flail about as he is bitten by a snake, where he falls into a plastic swimming pool; in the background you can see a V1 powered moped resembling a Gitane leaning against an El Camino.

ABC - Shark Tank

In Season 1 episode 14, the sharks are pitched On a classic ice cream business run by Captain Ice Cream, a man who delivers said ice cream on a Tomos Targa step thru tri-ped. For anyone wondering: none of the sharks invested in his business. See this forum thread for more info.