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Morini Franco Motori S.p.A is a company based in Bolgna, Italy that designs and manufactures small engines for scooters, light motorcycles and mopeds.

Company History

Established in 1954 by Franco Morini, the company was the result of a split in the business partnership between Morini, and Vittorio Minarelli. Vittorio Minarelli and Franco Morini set up a factory together in 1950 called "FBM (Fabricca Bolognese Motocicli SrL)" to produce motorcycle and moped engines. They then parted ways and each founded their own engine production companies; Vittorio Minarelli formed "Minarelli" and Franco Morini formed "Morini Franco Motori".


Currently, Morini Franco Motori produces 50cc air- and liquid-cooled two-stroke engines, 125cc air-cooled four-stroke engines, and 400cc liquid-cooled four-stroke engines.

50cc Morini Franco Motori engine

Mopeds Equipped with Morini Franco Motori Engines