Motobecane Quick Reference Guide

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introduction à la Mobylette d'origine

Stock variator puller 24 x 1mm. Points cam 26 x 1mm.

You need a timing micrometer, dial indicator, depth gauge(calipers), or make a tool (link )

You read Fred's guide and the Motobecane service manual, riiight?

Belt size is 4l-320 or AX30. Replace your motor mounts if they are torn. (link to socket/washer press method)

Remove the flywheel nut with a 3/8 ratchet. (I think it is really a 10mm square but whatever). The nut is reverse thread. Hold the flywheel with a strap wrench. Set the points and timing like in the manual. You can replace the nut with a six sided reverse thread flywheel nut if you want.

The stock headlight is a low watt (10 watts or so) par36 flood sealed beam. You can get them at a hardware store as landscaping lights. Don't use high wattage bulbs or you will damage the lighting coil.

The exhaust threads into the cylinder with a 32mm nut. It just needs to be snug. Be careful with it ok.

The forks have holes in them near the triple clamps so you can grease them with a small grease gun. Also grease the pulley and variator.

Use good quality 2 stroke oil mixed at 50:1.