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First, Welcome to the site, and/or welcome to Mopeds!

This is a great resource for you to learn everything there is to know about your bike, as well as network with other enthusiasts and riders. You will probably find that this community is much more vibrant than what you would expect; there are a plethera of interesting and hilarious people, super tech-motivated tuners, smart-ass youngsters, old-timers, casual riders, super devoted do-it-yourselfer rallys and media, artwork, videos, races, etc. Chances are you found alot more than you were looking for. Dive in, have fun.

About this site:

The site has two main parts. This is the Wiki section, you may or may not have found the forums. Both can be a great place for information.

In the spirit of helping the flow of this site and the forums, we would really like to encourage you to try to get a feel for the search functions in both the forums and the wiki. 99% of your questions can be answered by a simple search. We encourage this, because there are many new tuners and enthusiasts coming to this site everyday, and they tend to ask repetetive questions that have been covered many times, and we would like to keep the forums fresh with newer/ less covered/ more interesting topics to this large community. While we are here to help, answering the same questions over and over can become tiresome to the forum goers. You must realize that there are ALOT of people on this site daily, so some cooperation from the users is crucial to keeping things flowing in the right direction.

Also, If you happen to be from New Jersey, read this.