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Moped Parts Crossover

This crossover chart was formed to help provide a list of compatible parts between brands and models. If you come across any incorrect information please update the list.

Fuel system

  • Yamaha qt50 and Honda nc50 fuel valves will fit general 5 star and lazer top tanks.
  • Peugeut petcocks fit Batavus VA & HS50 gas tanks.
  • Tomos fuel valve fits JcPenney pinto and swinger models.
  • Puch bing jets fit Tomos and possibly Batavus encarwi carburetors.
  • Tomos bullet and ttlx top tank gas caps fit JcPenney pinto and swinger models.
  • Tomos and Puch Gas caps are interchangable.


  • The Puch polini intake will fit tomos A35 cylinders.
  • Minarelli intakes will fit puch cylinders.
  • A Daelim intake will fit the tomos a35 and puch polini cylinders.


  • Tomos a35 and Puch e50/za50 top ends are swappable.


  • Most moped Head lights and tail lights are cross compatible between brands.
  • 6v 5" sealed beam bulbs are found on small tractors and can be found at tractor supply and autoparts stores.
  • The Sachs 3 wire stator fits puch.
  • Tomos lighting coils will fit puch stator stators.
  • The Sylvania H5006 bulb will fit in the Honda MB5 headlight canister.


  • Many Puch exhausts will fit Minarelli powered bikes with little modification.