Puch Austro-Daimler

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The Puch Austro-Daimler (AD) was designed by Porsche in the 1980's. The bike came out the same year as the Puch Cobra and Puch Dart.

1984 Puch Austro-Daimler


The AD engine was slightly modernized version of a normal E50. It has a needle bearing piston pin, three shoe clutch, and the pedal sprocket goes through the engine as opposed to the back wheel.


The insides of a Puch Austro-Daimler Engine

PuchAD Case Top.jpg

The top of the Puch AD Engine Case

PuchAD Case Drive.jpg

Drive side of the AD Engine

PuchAD Case Clutch.jpg

Clutch side of the AD Engine

PuchAD Clutch Interior.jpg

The view from behind the Puch AD Clutch Cover. The component on the left of the image is where the Pedal Sprocket installs.

PuchAD Clutch.jpg

The Clutch and Clutch Cover for the Puch Austro-Daimler Engine

PuchAD Case Clutch Interior.jpg

The Interior AD Clutch Cover. The Sprocket on the right is the Pedal Gear.

PuchAD Case Halved.jpg

The drive gear, clutch, and crank of the Puch AD Engine

PuchAD Chains.jpg

The Pedal (left) and Drive (right) chains for the Puch AD

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