Puch Magnum

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The Puch Magnum is a top tank moped that was only sold in America.

Models According to Creature Harold

  • The Magnum was the first one. Shitty cylinder, spring forks, and spoked rims.
  • Then there was the Magnum II. Better cylinder same everything else.
  • Then the magnum became popular so they came out with the XK and the MKII:
    • The XK is always in red and there are a few super rare blue models out there. 1 speed engine, great cylinder, spring forks, and spoke rims.
    • The MKII came in silver with green, or brown with gold. The silver has snowflakes, and the brown and gold has 5 stars. Both have the good 2 speed engine good cylinder and hydraulic forks. They also sold a lot of factory accessories with these models including 5 star rims, mofast exhausts, zeta big bore kits and headlight fairings.
  • Finally the Magnum MKII LTD came out. 500 made and sold in the US only. All the best parts of a magnum including sealed bearing 5 star rims with a tachometer and headlight fairing.