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The Magnum X is a 50cc dirt bike made by Puch. It uses a kickstart E50 engine.

The kick start E50 first made its appearance in 1974 with the arrival of the Puch Magnum X dirt bike. It has the same internals and transfers as the pedal start E50. The only major differences are as follows:

  • a lighter and better flowing clutch bell
  • a specialized kick start clutch
  • the kick start mechanism
  • two special holes in the side of the case where the kick start gear shafts fit

A minor difference was a stator that came with no lighting coil, as the Magnum X was a dirt bike and had no headlight. The Magnum X top end was the same as the regular Magnums in that it had the angled exhaust port and cast-iron cylinder sleeves. The difference in the top end was the addition of a stock 17mm "bendy" intake and 17mm Bing carb -- along with a matching intake port. Stock horsepower ratings for the Magnum X were 3.5 HP, making it the highest HP 50cc engine Puch ever made. Rumor has it that if an intake restrictor was removed, the power rose to 4HP. The Magnum X engine was made until 1979 and is fairly rare.


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Puch Engine Variations

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