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This RAR file contains the workshop manuals and exploded views for the following models:
*[[Puch Maxi|Maxi]] 1-speed automatic (All Maxi models except rigid)
*Maxi luxe 1-speed automatic (All Maxi Luxe models)
*[[Puch Newport|Newport II]] 2-speed automatic
*Sport MK II 2-speed automatic
*[[Puch Magnum|Puch Magnum II]] 2-speed automatic with automatic oil injection
*Magnum MK II 2-speed automaic with automatic oil injection
[http://www.mediafire.com/?8nlrfcbjl5i Click here to download (Size: 29MB)]
[[Category: Puch|Workshop]]
[[Category: Repair tutorials|Workshop]]
[[Category: Puch|Workshop]]
[[Category:Puch Information|Workshop Manuals]]
[[Category:Puch Repair/Modification Tutorials|Workshop]]

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