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See below for a stock (colored) [[Puch]] wiring diagram and a hardwired Puch wiring diagram (also in color). Click on an image to see a larger version.
Stock wiring diagram:<br>
[[Image:Stock puch wiring diagram.jpg|800px|Stock wiring diagram]]
Hardwired wiring diagram:<br>
[[Image:Hardwired puch wiring diagram.jpg|800px|Hardwired wiring diagram]]
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|electrical = [[Hardwiring a Puch]] &bull; [[E50 wiring block]] &bull; [[Puch wiring diagrams]] &bull; [[Puch Maxi Ignition summary]]
[[Category: Puch|Wiring]]
[[Category: Repair tutorials]]
[[Category: Puch Repair/Modification Tutorials|Wiring]]
[[Category: Electrical Repair Tutorials|Wiring]]

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