Puch wiring diagrams

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This page is a collection of stock wiring diagrams for a variety of Puch mopeds.


This will work or be close enough for just about any Maxi, Newport, Pinto, Swinger, Free Spirit, Magnum, Murray, etc. For additional information about and versions of this diagram, please see Puch wiring.

Stock wiring diagram

Early Maxi (1976-77)

Wiring diagram for early Maxis

Early Early Puch (3-wire)

3-wire diagram for really early Puchs

Magnum XK

Really awesome PDF file thoroughly explaining Magnum wiring

This would probably also be applicable, or mostly applicable, to Maxis, Swingers, Pintos, Free Spirits, and most other Puch mopeds.

Allstate (MS50)

Puch MS50 wiring diagram.png


Magnum X

Puch Magnum X wiring diagram.png

Mini Maxi/Dart

Puch Mini Maxi wiring diagram.png


Puch Murray wiring diagram.png [[Category: Puch Repair/Modification Tutorials|Wiring]]