Registering a moped in New York

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Eurobikenyc's guide on how to register a moped in NYC.

What you need:

  • Forms: mv82, dtf802, mvf1b, and mv51
  • A bill of sale with notary stamp
  • A clear photo of vin on vin plate
  • A vin etching with pencil and paper
  • A drivers license

State that the moped has never been registered, if you state it has a lost title then they will try to go through the system and this will take months. Remember to decide what class moped you want to register it as. Class C which is most laid back is 20mph or under. Key points to stick to if questioned: Its a moped, 20mph or under if registering as Class C (make sure to stick to the number you have written), it has never been registered, it's a Class C moped and the notarized bill of sale is usually the deal maker.

This has worked for people who have used this technique but if you have a stubborn DMV clerk just try again the next day. Also using the reference that you have talked to the DMV technical sector and confirmed you have a Class C. Good luck. Distracting the clerks while they do your registration seems to help from what I am told.