Removing a seized piston

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First method: (creator: Generic) 1) Remove the cylinder head. 2) Spray piston and cylinder walls withh PB Blaster. 3) Use a sledge hammer and a 2 inch wooden dowel to wack that sucker loose.

Second Method: (Creator: Eric P) Try this method only if the cylinder is stuck tight and the ports are closed off. 1) Take an old spark plug and cut the top off with a hack saw or dremel (all of the yellow parts in the picture). File:Http:// 2) Next, cut off the metal piece on the bottom and tap out the electrode out with a punch (again all yellow parts). File:Http:// 3) Then weld a grease fitting on the top of the metal part of the plug. File:Http:// 4) Next thread the new spark plug tool into the spark plug hole and place your grease gun on it. Pump away! The grease gun will generate a lot of pressure which will break the piston loose. Good luck! -Eric

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