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Hopefully each one of these shops will create a separate wiki page to elaborate on what they offer but this will serve as a quick list of moped shop websites.

Moped Shops

1977 Mopeds

1977 Mopeds is the moped shop in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Their full inventory is also for sale online where you'll find a complete line of bikes, parts and accessories.
Location: Kalamazoo, MI

A great international source for performance parts. Good prices too.
Location: The Netherlands

AAA Moped

Primarily a scooter dealer, AAA also sells Tomos mopeds. No online ordering, but you can email or telephone.
Location: Miami, FL

Austin Mopeds

Moped shop run by Beamer Wilkins of the Moped Army branch Hells Bombshells.
Location: Austin, TX

Bad Motor Scooter Inc.

Lots of Polini performance parts. Not all moped related, but worth a look if you're trying to trick out a project bike.


If you want high performance Italian parts, this is the place. Much of it is for scooters, though. No online ordering, but you can email.
Location: Padova, Italy

Bill's Michiana Moped

New mopeds and a good sized salvage yard full of used parts. Not much on the website, but probably good to stop by and rummage through the old stuff.
Location: Elkhart, IN

Bob's Marine Sales and Service

Don't be fooled by the name because Bob sells mopeds too.
Location: Findlay, OH

Claude's Cycles

This place has been selling and repairing used mopeds for over 20 years. I'm told that the guy is an expert in Motobecanes. There isn't much moped related info on the site, but if you're nearby you should look him up.
Location: Foxborough, MA

Columbus Motorsports

Online ordering of new Tomos mopeds and parts. They also have a large quantity of used moped parts from Puch and Avanti. Online ordering of most new Tomos items, but call or email about used parts.
Location: Dublin, OH

Cosmopolitan Motors Inc.

Known mainly as a Kinetic distributor, they also sell scooters, parts, and accessories. Full online ordering and a handy moped dealer list.
Location: Hatboro, PA

European Machines

Sells transfers and decals for vintage European mopeds. Great if you want to fully restore your moped to its former glory. They also offer batch production. No online ordering, but you can email or telephone.
Location: Glos, England

Handy Bikes

Handy Bikes is one of, if not the largest distributor of moped parts in the US. They also sell new Hero-Majestic mopeds. If you need anything, call Handy Bikes. Online ordering can be done through their Moped Showroom site or through email. They have much more for sale than what is on their website.
Location: Columbus, OH

Heeters Performance Center

An Indiana moped dealer selling new Tomos mopeds, as well as a back stock of moped parts and accessories. They also bore moped cylinders.
Location: North Manchester, IN

Ike's Bikes

Ike, a regular contributor to the forum, is now an official Tomos dealer. Along with the latest that Tomos has to offer you'll find a variety of used mopeds and moped parts. The website has photos and information on the mopeds, but you'll have to contact them for the parts information.
Location: Georgetown, OH


Tomos moped dealer. No online ordering, buy you can email or telephone.
Location: Charlottesvile, VA

Moped Choppers

Robin Guttman, the creator of the Sturgis Special has opened up a custom moped chopper shop. Contact him for a custom made moped.
Location: Glendale, CA

Moped Warehouse

Sells parts and accessories for different moped brands. Some online ordering available, as well as email and telephone.
Location: New Jersey

Moped World

Sells parts and accessories for different moped brands. No real online ordering, but you can email and telephone. They ship worldwide.

Mopeds Online

Mopeds Online sells parts and accessories for different moped brands. Also includes a classified section. Online ordering available, as well as email and telephone.

Mr. Moped

A Canadian Tomos dealer.
Location: Oakville, Ontario, Canada

Myron's Mopeds

Southern California's source for mopeds, parts, and service. Also check out Myron's Moped Run and the general moped information they have on the site.
Location: Fullerton, CA

Nostalgia Motorsports

Sells Tomos and Puch parts as well as new Tomos mopeds. Printable order form online, and you can email and telephone.
Location: Perrysburgh, OH

Road Star

Tomos moped and performance part dealer. The website is only in Japanese.
Location: Japan

Scooter Therapy

These friendly people buy and sell used mopeds, along with some moped parts and accessories. They also sell new Tomos mopeds. No online ordering, but you can email and telephone.
Location: Madison, WI

Seattle Mopeds

Seattle Mopeds is the only moped-only dealership and repair shop in the Pacific Northwest. We feature new and vintage mopeds, professional repair and maintenance, new and used parts/accessories, as well as performance parts from around the world.
Location: Seattle, WA

Sportsbay Moped

Tomos and Avanti dealer. Also parts and accessories for different moped brands. Online ordering available.
Location: Menlo Park, CA

Steve's Moped

A good resource for almost all of the current moped brands.
Location: Dumont, NJ

The Moped Junkyard

Perhaps the best online parts catalogue available. Parts and accessories for a wide variety of moped brands, as well as online schematics. Online ordering available.
Location: Ocean City, MD

The MZ Specialists

Sells new and used Jawa mopeds, parts, and accessories.
Location: Berlin, Germany

Toronto Mopeds

This Tomos dealer also sells refurbished vintage mopeds. Also a variety of moped parts, accessories, and other useful information.
Location: Toronto, Canada

Venom Scooters

A scooter and moped shop run by Jeb from The Tom Cruisers. Parts, bikes, and service. Not too much on the website, so give him a call or stop in.
Location: Tempe, AZ

Zippy Mopeds

Buys, sells, and refurbishes classic mopeds. Their links don't work, but you can call them.
Location: Cupertino, CA