Stolen Mopeds

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Moped theft is a constant concern for mopedders. No matter how well a moped is locked, hidden, or guarded, a dedicated thief will be able to steal it if they really want to -- and, of course, unlocked mopeds are a very easy target for joyriders and thieves alike. Should your moped be stolen, report it to the following directories so other people can keep an eye out for it. Help keep this resource up to date by deleting your entry once your moped is recovered.

List of stolen mopeds

Details Location
Time and Date
Maroon 1978 Puch Maxi Rockville, Maryland - Rockville Metro Stop 9am 6/14/2011   no
1980s Green Maxi MKII with ZA50 and 5 stars Stock UT knoxville campus 4/28/2012 ish link no