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shouldn't this be revised? and if it's going to be hosted here, should it say "mra's fastes moped" as smitty does not, by a large margin, have the fastest moped.. shaw beat his "record" big time in kzoo this year.

the MRA can make their own page dedicated to Smitty if they want to, MA should not have to host their crap.

Fastest official recorded time is Blackball's Motron Minarelli V1 at 59mph on the Bonneville Flats.

why complain?

I made the original article and I'm not a member nor do I post at MRA. Your article is 4th grade level writing skills and for the "17th most popular page" you have nothing but a single poorly written paragraph.

The wiki should be in encyclopedia format and not updated or edited for "spite"

that said, kudos to the guys who built the fastest moped. Lets see a real article about the bike, the build and the run.

Those are the facts. Rephrase it if you wish and/or make it more presentable.