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Can someone, who is fluent in French, clean up the crappy babelfish translation? I can understand the general feelings towards the pipes but I fear there might be some loss of important details. ~Finny

i can try to work on this. I've been reading this sort of translation for awhile and have picked p a bit of a knack for it. but it hurts the brain to read!

I don't really agree with most of these reviews, however. And we have our own issues with pipes in the states that the frenchies don't care about (like pedals).


I'm kinda bored, so I can also attempt to work on this... except I also don't speak a lick of French, so it would be a lot of guesswork and using multiple translators, and you'd still be missing important details of the original French. Bret, could you add a few sentences or something to each pipe's review with your viewpoint? It's always good to let people hear more than one opinion, plus if there are things important for the U.S., we'd be warned about those too. --Mycider 18:16, 14 December 2008 (EST)