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</p><p>'''Robert Mosurinjohn''', more commonly known to the moped community by the name '''Targaped,''' is one of the most prolific forum trolls on the Moped Army forums.
</p><p>'''Robert Mosurinjohn''', more commonly known to the moped community by the name '''Targaped,''' is one of the most prolific forum trolls on the Moped Army forums. [[Image:Mosurinjohnrobertws3.jpg]]

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Robert Mosurinjohn, more commonly known to the moped community by the name Targaped, is one of the most prolific forum trolls on the Moped Army forums. Mosurinjohnrobertws3.jpg


Targaped started his time on the forums with a post detailing the "Travels With A Donkey Slashed Out Moped" 6,500 mile journey across Canada that he had recently completed. This was initially greeted with relative enthusiasm, although respect for his story began to wane after Targaped kept bumping the thread. A few individuals asked him to stop bumping it, saying that it was getting old, but Targaped could not comply with their request for more than a week at a time. His habit of posting often rambling and un-related sentences in the "author" and "subject" lines (instead of listing an author and subject) also began to annoy other forum users.

However, the trouble really began when the Tomos oil injector debate started. At the time, there were mixed feelings about the quality of the Tomos oil-injector system; many people felt that it was safest to remove the oil-injector and run premix to avoid what was almost certain failure of a flawed system. Targaped, having ridden 6,500 miles across Canada on his oil-injected Tomos, stood up for the merits of the system. He claimed that premixing was too hard and messy, that always having to carry around oil was a hassle, and that premixing increased the likelihood of getting sediment or particulate matter in the gas tank or fuel lines. The majority of forum users disagreed with this viewpoint and had no problem with expressing their dislike of him and his notions.

He began to jump into every thread, posting multiple times about the "amazing" Tomos oil injectors. He also created many discussions in both the repair forum and general forum with other "tips" he had acquired from his experience, namely using baby powder when installing a tire, and getting a decent set of tire irons to help install tires. Although the intention behind sharing these tips was good, the repetitiveness of his posts, his refusal to acknowledge other viewpoints, and his increasingly characteristic name changes began to draw the attention and anger of other forum users.

Eventually, Targaped's posts became so annoying that Harold, the forum moderator, was forced to begin locking or deleting the discussions he started or contributed to. Targaped interpreted this action as a "big brother" attempt to stifle his viewpoints and freedom of speech, and instead of quietly backing off, agreeing to disagree, or making calm and logical arguments, Targaped decided to wage war on the system. His posting rate increased exponentially, and his posts no longer had helpful intentions. Instead, he was intent on "exposing the tyranny" of the forum moderation. The content of his post and his conspiracy theories only continued to get crazier and crazier, as he began to believe that other forum posters were actually Harold's alternate identities, identities that Harold supposedly used to further his tyranny and dictatorship over the forums.

One of Harold's "alternate identities" was Jerry, a forum user who led the opposition to Tomos oil injectors always signed his posts with "Peace. Jerry." As a joke, many forum users began signing their posts with "Peace. Jerry" since Targaped seemed convinced that everyone who disagreed with his viewpoint was the same person anyway.

As the Targaped drama escalated, it began to poison the forums with its constant and annoying presence. Posters began to rally for a call to block Targaped's IP address so that the forums could return to normal. Although the debate and blocking process took several days, Targaped's IP address was eventually blocked. Unfortunately, Targaped has returned multiple times with new accounts and new IP addresses, only some of which have been blocked. He continues to frequent the general forum and repair forums, spouting off his theories on fuel injectors, the "worthlessness" of the help that can be found on Moped Army, spark plugs, Tomos mopeds, tire installation, and several other topics. Although his posts can be moderated (deleted) in the general forum, the repair forum remains intermittently a depository for his inane ramblings and attempts to provoke others to argue with his senseless paranoid diatribes.

Posting Characteristics

Targaped's posts generally have the following characteristics:

  1. Uses the subject line as either an extension of the title or the beginning of the post body
  2. Says lots of good things about Tomos mopeds, especially the oil injectors
  3. Has reasonably good grammar and spelling
  4. Occasionally posts gibberish or things that are completely off-topic and nonsensical, or may contain only a period (.)

How to Deal with Targaped Encounters


I G N O R E   T H E M !

Have we made ourselves clear? You accomplish NOTHING by arguing. Responding to his posts only bumps them back up to the top where everyone has to look at them, and frankly, that's counterproductive. If you MUST respond to something he has said, please use the talk page of this article to express your feelings.

Forum Links

The following list is only a tiny percentage of the threads started by Targaped or about Targaped. Searching for threads pertinent to this section is very difficult for two reasons. First, the majority of his spam/conspiracy theory posts have been deleted from the forums. Second, Targaped's trademark of posting under many "author" names means you would have to know all of those names (many of which are nonsensical and convoluted) to find the desired information.

A way to contain all the Targaped drama so it wouldn't poison the forums. Also a good summary of people's feelings about Targaped.
An excellent tutorial written by Harold on how to deal with the Targaped (and other troll) situations.
Another excellent tutorial, this time written by Nate Bandit, in response to the Targaped situation