The Summerai

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The Summerai
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Green Bay

We have GB Drew. He knows stuff. If you'd like to hang out with GB Drew, please contact us:

The Summerai are Green Bay's premier moped gang. We hosted our first rally in July 2010. Just The Tip, Baby, was a 200 mile endurance ride from GB to the tip of Door County. Attended by bros and ladies from as far away as MPLS, MKE and Madison, Just The Tip was an arousing success. Some say it was a major stepping stone for The Cranks on their path into moped Godliness, as 4 or so months later they were accepted into the Army. Coincidence? We'll let you decide.

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We got sexy.

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We burned stuff.

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We were one with the wild.

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We even killed a deer with a moped!

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