The Summerai

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A gang consisting of two avid moped fans whose kingdom is the mean streets of Green Bay, and one other guy who is generally indifferent to mopeds but is sometimes coerced into partaking in their adventures and merrymaking although he would rather talk to his girlfriend on the other side of the world via webcam and MSN. Two of these so called "Summerai" also hold a deep penchant for the films of the great Akira Kurosawa and Toshiro Mifune, while the other guy doesn't really care, but seeing as he is Asian, he should be considered a Samurai by default, regardless of his admiration (or lack there of) for the aforementioned Gods of Japanese cinema. Thus, these noble heroes, riding their trusty steeds, rule Green Bay from the months of Mayish to Octoberish... Or as the weather permits... And it is grand.

If you would like to ride with The Summerai, please feel free to contact Ben: