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A tire is a device covering the circumference of a wheel. It is an essential part of most ground vehicles and is used to dampen the oscillations caused by irregularities in the road surface, to protect the wheel from wear and tear, as well as to provide a high-friction bond between the vehicle and the ground to improve acceleration and handling.

Moped tires are manufactured from synthetic rubber.

Tire Sizes

The sizing of tires moped tires can be confusing. For example, a 20" tire actually measures 16".

Moped tires are most often sized at either 17" or 16". Motobecane, Peugeot, Sachs, Puch, Kreidler and other mopeds typically came stock with 17" wheels / tires, whereas Italian mopeds such as Minarelli and Vespa typically came with 16" wheels / tires. Japanese mopeds such as the Honda Express or the Suzuki FA50 were equipped with 14" tires.

Aftermarket Tires

There are several tire varieties to choose from when replacing your stock tires. Michelin makes two popular tires, the Gazelle, which has great tread but is notorious for being hard to install, and the VM100 2.5×17”. an inexpensive and high-traction tire. . Another very popular tire is the Sava MC11, which is much smoother than the Gazelle, which in turn increases your speed but gives you less traction. This tire is much easier to install, but tends to pop more frequently than the Gazelle. Michelin and Sava both make other moped tires as well.

Note that it is possible to get thicker (or thinner) tires than what is currently on your moped. Thicker tires tend to provide better traction and better handling around turns, but they also add more weight to your moped. The most common width of stock tires is 2.25", and people who build racing bikes often replace their tires with a 2.50" or 2.75" width. The maximum width your bike can handle will depend on the width of your swing arm.

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