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* [http://www.tomos.si/ Tomos Slovenia]
* [http://www.tomos.si/ Tomos Slovenia]
[[Category:Moped Brands]]
[[Category:Moped Brands]]

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Tomos was established in 1954. A Slovenian manufacturer located in the city of Koper, Tomos started building motorcycles and mopeds with the Austrian company Puch. Tomos mopeds are still in production today and are one of the few remaining moped brands available on the US market.

Tomos mopeds are also produced in Epe, the Netherlands, and have been since 1966. The Dutch development team is responsible for the introduction of models like the Colibri, Targa and Revival. Tomos is the last remaining moped factory in the Netherlands, surviving at least 36 others since 1966.

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2005 Tomos Arrow

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