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[[Category: Performance Tuning]]
[[Category: Performance Tuning]]

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As ive been told to do by some people, I'm making a wiki for Tomos A55 parts, and as they come out i will update the page. So here it is:

1. http://www.stevesmoped.com/images/stories/tomos_a_70cc_cylinder_tomos_a55_70cc_cylinder_kit.jpg

This kit will fit the 2007 and up Tomos A55 motor that has 2 bolts holding on the intake manifold. If your moped has 4 bolts holding on the intake manifold to the cylinder is our reed valve cylinder kit part #505040 (does not come with wrist pin bearing). If bought, I recommend the 17.5 Dellorto PHVA carb to get power out of this kit. $180

2. http://www.stevesmoped.com/images/stories/exhausts/nextr201m.jpg


New! Technigas Next R Show Chrome Exhaust system with blue silencer. Fits 2007 Tomos Streetmate and Revival Ts with A55 motors. $170

3. http://www.stevesmoped.com/images/stories/streetmate_hp_combo_280_102.jpg

New performance package for the Streetmate, Revival and Revival TS with A55 engines. High flow performance exhaust, 28 tooth rear sprocket and a #56 fuel jet designed to deliver higher performance from your A55 engine. $170

4. http://www.stevesmoped.com/images/sprtrear28.jpg

Daddy Torque sprocket Tomos 28 tooth rear sprocket. $25 (can also go 24,22 and 27 front)

5. http://www.mopedshop.com/v/vspfiles/photos/5502-2.jpg

Must bend header to fit also a spacer from the original bracket. $88

6. http://www.mopedkit.com/WebshopM/files/S01ES03.jpg

there also is a Techno exhaust out for the A55 stevesmoped has them, not sure on a price

7. http://www.1977mopeds.com/catalog/images/UNI-Pod-Air-Filter-for-PHBG.gif

Very high flow air filter. This is the best filter i have used on my bikes. Very good flow, and keeps the dirt out. Use this with a Dellorto PHBG carb, and you will feel the difference. $15

8. http://www.1977mopeds.com/catalog/images/a55speedkit.gif

A55 Carburetor Speed Kit Upgrade $29.00 This is everything you need to upgrade your new Tomos A55 Sprint, St, LX, Revival, Arrow, and Streetmate.

Use this in conjunction with a new performance pipe, and a 22 tooth rear sprocket.


  • Larger Infuser
  • Larger Idle Jet
  • Larger Main Jet
  • UNI Pod Air Filter

9. http://www.stevesmoped.com/components/com_virtuemart/shop_image/product/30217e254dffdfb09f3bc56a24afe11c.jpg

Performance carburetor for the A55 cylinder kit. Must use stock choke, comes with jet #65 – $109.95

10. http://www.stevesmoped.com/components/com_virtuemart/shop_image/product/7b2bedb7cf19e3bfedf2ed4dc3bc7780.jpg

Adapter bracket for 2007 Tomos A55 Technigas R performance exhausts. Converts the 2 hole mount on the moped to the single mount on the Technigas R exhaust. Also drops the mount to the proper height and angle of the Technigas R A55 pipes.

11. http://www.1977mopeds.com/catalog/images/tomosbracket.gif

Exhaust bracket to mount a performance exhaust to the new A55 frame. With this a 2 piece biturbo fill fit, but will still have to bend header and maybe a spacer

12. http://www.1977mopeds.com/catalog/images/phvajet.gif

These are the larger 6mm Dellorto mainjets used on the PHVA carburetors found on the new Tomos A55. #56-#90