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The Arrow is the newest bike in the Tomos moped lineup.

2005 Model

2005 Tomos Arrow

The 2005 Tomos Arrow was a limited edition produced for one year only. Two color schemes were available red and silver or black and silver. The very first Arrows manufactured for 2005 were plagued by manufacturing defects (covered by warranty) although these issues with the A55 engine affected other models equipped with the A55 the 2005 Tomos Arrow took much of the flak because it was essentially a new engine on a new bike.

Feedback from riders and owners has been consistent:

Pros include the excellent braking (a result of front disk brakes, hydraulic rear drum brakes) with a lot of rubber touching the road surface as a result of the 120mm tubeless tires. Another positive factor is the powerful torque with the ability to do stock wheelies and reach the top speed quickly.

Negatives include an uncomfortable seat and a poorly engineered rear oil tank that tends to seep oil. The Arrow has an exhaust pipe that reaches very high temperatures as a result of the catalytic converter included to meet 2006 emission standards. Stock Arrows have a top speed of 30 miles per hour which is a drawback due to the limited information about aftermarket performance modifications. They also vibrate considerably once kitted, and seem to rattle themselves apart. Nerves of steel are required.

Arrow body modifications

It is possible to bypass the oil injector and run the Arrow on premix. This allows for removal of the rear oil tank which carries an absurd amount of oil in proportion to the amount of gasoline the bike can carry.

Tomos Oil Injection Removal


The 2005 Arrow (while far from a vintage moped) had some of the qualities of older mopeds (such as the large, round headlight).

2006 Model

2006 Tomos Arrow

The 2006 Tomos Arrow incorporates a more modern style which takes many cues from the Sachs Madass