Treats Honda pull start install instructions

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So the guys at Treats Moped Superstore have been selling these pull starts unit kits for the Honda Hobbit, PA-50
Camino and the Express models. But why would you need it for the Express lol? Any how, I have one and it really is a
well built little unit made of 20 and 18 gauge steel that has been blasted then etch primed, ready to paint any color
you choose. It comes with all the hardware and the only thing you reuse off your bike is the top flywheel cover bolt
and your stock flywheel to crankshaft nut.

unpacking treats

nice wrap

All the parts were well packed and oooh, yellow tissue is my favorite.

all the stuff

The kit seems to have everything I need To totally mount this thing.

tools I used

I only needed these few hand tools.

mounting tabs

The way this is designed it will mount to the engine case by the top tab to the stock cover machine boss then
the bottom tab bolts to the position of the bottom motor mount bolt hole. Hmmmmm?

no lower boss

My stock hobbit sub frame and some others I have seen are missing the lower stock cover mounting tab boss.
Its a good thing that this new cover uses the motor mount hole instead. The kit comes with a longer bolt and
nylock nut.

bottom motor bolt

I started the install by removing the stock flywheel cover then removing the bottom motor mount bolt.

Remove crank nut

To remove your crank nut just use your normal method. I like to insert a short screwdriver in the flywheel
and rest the dip against the lighting coil armature plates like an anchor. Then when I wrench on the nut
it holds the flywheel.

install prawl

The kits starting pawl comes with a new internal tooth star locking washer, so if you have a flat washer on your
stock nut, toss it out.

tighten pawl

Tighten the nut on the pawl.

register band

The pull start housing fits very snug on the lead edge if the motors casting. It is held to a predetermined mounting
depth by this prefect registering ring. It will keep the housing at just the right height and wont allow the starter to
crash into the spinning starter prawl in case you should accidentally bang the housing on a curb.

snug fit

You may have to force it with your palm if there is any dents in your cases casting lip. You might have need to dolly
out any anomalies in your case to as near a perfect circle as you can. Don't worry though, the housing will fit and
can only sit exactly square with the crank when bolted complete.

top cover bolt

Now the top cover bolt saved from the old cover.

bottom motor mount and spacer

Next install the 5/16 bolt, aluminum spacer and nylock nut that are provided in the kit.

tighten her up

Cinch this all up tight

bulls eye dead center

A quick glance shows that the housing cutout is sitting perfectly centered over the staring pawl.

[Image:Redo pullstart 006.JPG[|600px|mock fit]]

I like to mock fit stuff as I go.

smooth yeah

A few pulls on the mock up fit and it seems to engage the crank smoothly.

bolt puller to housing

I cant wait for paint. I want to bolt up the little unit and go for a ride and see how my bike performs without the
starter clutches spinning and slowing me down on corners.

painted black

WOW, yeah my bike performs so much better now without the starter clutches in there. But I keep trying to peddle
start the bike though Ha Ha. Took off the housing and shot it with black paint to match my side covers.
The little rope spooling component included in this kit seems pretty robust but I recommend that you not pull
the rope all the way to the end of the spool as the spool is plastic and if you live in cold climate I imagine it might
snap the rope or the plastic spool. I have found that short quick snapping jerks work best and really get the motor
Spinning for a smooth start. If your rope should break, here is a link to easily repairing the spooling unit. [rope broke]

still got pedal clearance

Another nice thing is I still have pedal clearance. I highly recommend this little kit from treats especially if you don't
have the means to to build your own or if you like your bike to have a clean custom look. If you want a clean, well
built pull start for your Honda get one of these. If they have them in stock that is, HURRY.

I am now finished with this Wiki page. If you have any questions about the tips I suggested, or are having trouble with the process or can suggest how I can correct a mistake I have made or to make the page better, contact Cheetahchrome,26847