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Greetings moped friends. I have decided it was time that I wrote something interesting on this page (mostly because I'm bored.) I am going to assume that you would not be reading this page unless you were also bored and desperate for something to do besides what you're supposed to be doing. As such, I will attempt to make this worth your time. And even if you find this terribly boring, it should still have served to waste a significant chunk of your time, which means I have done my job.

About me

  1. I think know I'm a linkaholic.
  2. I use 100 words to say what others can express in 20.
  3. My profile.
  4. If that isn't enough information for you, you can look me up on facebook.
  5. If that still isn't enough information for you, please take a moment to step away from your computer and smack yourself in the face a few times for being a creeper.

On wikis

My main goal in editing this wiki is to turn it into the resource I wish I'd had when I knew diddlysquat about mopeds. I've worked my way up to knowing about half a squat about mopeds (which is still much less than the people who know tons of squats about mopeds), and it took FOREVER because I never had anywhere to look to find explanations or pictures of all these strange parts and things that everyone on the forums was talking about. I know how confusing and intimidating that is, and I want to do as much as I can to help other people who might be in the same boat get the information they need.

Why the wiki is flippin' awesome

I could probably explain this in 100 words, but I feel like that would be a betrayal of my character. Sooooo, STORY TIME!

I was confused a lot when I first started poking around this site and posting. I checked the resources, but I didn't understand half of what was going on in the articles because I had no idea what any of the parts were. I checked the wiki, but the categories listed on the first page didn't have a whole lot of articles linked under them. I assumed that all the articles were linked under those categories, so I just kind of dismissed the wiki because it didn't have much information. (more on this later)

So, naturally, I have a moped, and mopeds break. The first 20-ish times this happened, I had no idea how to fix it. (Exhibit 1 of many). I asked on the forums, and people said things like, "clean your carburetor" or "clean your points." My what? I mean, like, I kind of know what that is, and I have vague notion of how that's done, but the amount of information I know about that is not enough to convince me to start taking something apart that I am sure I will destroy. So after posting like, 500 pictures in each thread, re-reading Fred's Guide about 500 times, and getting all kinds of help from people on the forums, I eventually solved these initial problems. It was a great feeling. However, learning each new step or part involved, on average, 15 minutes of sitting there, scratching my head and staring at whatever I was supposed to be fixing, trying to figure out what in the world everyone was talking about.

Here's why the wiki concept is great: LINKS. It's as simple as that. Take, for example, Fred's Guide. I probably have it close to memorized right now because I read it so many times, hoping that if I read something I didn't understand enough times, it would eventually sink in. If Fred's Guide had been wikified and linked and all that, I wouldn't have been so confused. If it said, "Clean your points," and I didn't know what points were, I could just click on the friendly green link to learn about them. Make sure my banjo isn't clogged? My what? Just click on the friendly green link. The links and organizational structure (both headings within articles and categorical organization) make it so easy to learn about things you don't fully understand, and THAT is why I think the wiki is so great.

Back to story time ... Time passes. One day, I get really bored and go look at the wiki again. People have added some more info, but a lot of it isn't pertinent to my moped, so I'm just kind of like, "Meh." Then I see this fun link on the side: Random page. I click on it. It takes me to a page full of wonderful information that I've never seen before! You mean there are things in here that aren't linked on the main page?! How many other great articles are out there that nobody knows about!? I ask myself. If only I had a list of all the articles in the wiki... then I'd be able to see all the great stuff we've got! I didn't figure it out that day, but later bored wiki-clicking led me to wonder what happened if I clicked on Special pages. Well, wouldja look at that?! First thing there: ALL ARTICLES. I was astounded by how many articles we had that weren't linked to the main page. Surely I couldn't be the only one who thought that the entire knowledge base of the Moped Wiki was contained within those few links on the main page.

So, I decided that I wanted to make sure everyone knew about and could find all those great articles hidden away in the farthest corners of the wiki. You know what I discovered? I discovered that I really like organizing things. I really like linking things. I already knew that I was a grammar and proofreading nazi. The wiki is all three of these things, plus mopeds! I mean, it really can't get any better than that. In short, I have become somewhat wiki-obsessed. Wikis are more than just a useful resource -- they're downright FUN!

I have learned a TON thanks to all the people who have written or contributed to articles, but there's still a lot of moped-related information that I do not understand. As such, I selfishly encourage anyone reading this (haha, like anyone is actually going to read this far) to WRITE! If I can figure the wiki out, ANYONE can figure it out. There are now also some excellent new help pages thanks to Mike's wiki, so you doubly have no excuse.