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Thank you Cider for the many sips of cum you have given me on a cold day .. you are refreshing indeed.

P.S. If you are indeed Linda and not Harold you were contributing to Moped Army at the beginning of the diatribes against me on the forum, and know the real history except through distorted visions. My editing of your version tells the story inaccurately. I admire your affliction and work for Moped Army and wish you the very best, remembering that we live in a perfect world, but we all ride onwards towards the perfect slight.

P.P.S. I have to change things for accuracy because this whole thing is on the web, and I hear people like personel officers check the web for references to potential employees, and I don't look for part time employment. If this thing were just within MA confines I might let things go, enjoying the humour of it all.