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Hi; is there a reason you reverted pretty much all the edits I made on May 3? I think a lot of clarifications I made about parts crossover, mentioning brand-new Tomos mopeds, some no-name brands like Demm, that there are some Maxi models with the ZA, etc are warranted and pretty pertinent for first-time buyers.

Perhaps you were working from a much older revision by mistake?

Side note: your PA50I options page link was also incorrectly formatted (internal wiki links should only use the article title rather than the complete URL [with http...] otherwise it shows up like an external link).

In any case, I've incorporated your link to the PA50I options page but otherwise reverted your most recent edit.

thank you for the feedback, i'm seriously battling a learning curve with editing the wiki. as to the editing, i only changed the pa1 to a link to the article on it, here's the difference: i see exactly why there was an overwrite, look at the time stamps on your edit compared to mine: basically, i took the version from 4:28pm, while you were editing and saving from 4:42 to 5 pm totally unintentional, when i hit save, didn't know you had a copy open.

as to the link formatting, point taken, thanks for taking up my slack.