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If you want to e-mail me the images (.jpg or whatever), I can turn them all into one .pdf. --Mycider 00:18, 30 March 2010 (EDT)

I have it all as one pdf, and tried to upload it, but no go. it's about 12MB. So I thought That it might work by extracting the pages, but this site does not display pdfs :( so I think that I'll do both, pdfs to download & jpgs to view on site. I would like to add a manuals catagory to the wiki so that they are easy to find and referance...

Do you get some warning about "this file is really big, and we recommend that files not exceed ____ bytes"? Because you can ignore that. If it was a picture or something, I'd usually say to resize it, but for something like a manual that can't be resized, I think it's okay to just ignore that warning. And you can't display pdf's, but you can link to them. Usually you would just write something like [[Image:manual.pdf]] but if you want to just link to it, put a colon before the "Image" part -- [[:Image:manual.pdf|Here is a manual]]. The manuals that I have are on and linked from here to there, and it seems like that site does a pretty good job displaying them and all that, so you could also put it there in addition to putting it here if you wanted.

As for the manuals category, I agree that it would be nice if they were easier to find. We do have Repair manual links, but that's under the Moped web links category, and it's hard to find. I could put a link to that page on the main page if that would help, or if you want to make a category and then make separate pages for all the manuals or brands, then that could be linked on the main page as well. --Mycider 14:03, 30 March 2010 (EDT)

No, I didn't get a warning, it acted like it was uploading, then went straight to the recent changes page, but no upload (?) so you host them off site? and link to them there? lemme work on this....