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Thanks for the help Simon. I know this is a huge project and I'll get better at the finer points of article creation. I always loved the wiki-concept but never had anything I was interested in enough to contribute. I was trying to edit the muffler belt entry (just to capitalize the B in belt) but couldn't get it to change.
I need to read the image formatting info more carefully, a lot of the redundant arrow pages you fixed were my attempts to get the picture integrated into the article correctly-
it looks a lot nicer with your revision. I can view the edit and see how you corrected it.
I'm also struggling a little with categories-- for example my moped stereo would be under modifications? or just go ahead and create the article and let you guys revise/relocate? and should I wiki-link every use of "Moped Army" or MRA? Does that happen automatically with bots?
Thanks again, you guys are a big help and I'm sort of diving into this.
== Linking outside the moped wiki? ==
I was also wondering about wiki etiquette. For example, can you redirect [[drum brakes]] to a wikipedia article about drum brakes until there's a MA moped-wiki article specific to moped drums?
Or, [[Slovenia]] --It seems appropriate (or at least easier) to hyperlink out that piece of work to another wiki.
== Unusual transportation entries? ==
I keep an eye on news stories and I notice that whenever a new vehicle comes out (such as the segway, the self-powered wheel, or even that odd "giant wheel" you sit inside) there is always the mention that this could be the 'moped of the next century'
many of the things I see called mopeds or compared to mopeds are hydrogen prototypes, E-bikes and even "smart cars" seem to pop up in news searches for moped.
Should there be an entry on the segway? maybe compare it to a moped and show why it didn't work but a moped does?
it seems that mopeds were a real innovation in transportation. Whenever I see a new concept vehicle the benchmarks always seem to be set by mopeds--
just from memory, I recall phrases turning up in articles such as "unlike a moped, you are shielded from the elements" or "similar to a moped, this e-car is a [[limited speed machine]]
Also, should small engine innovations and research be touched on? it seems that the new 'holy grail' of small engine research is a new engine design that can out-perform the classic 2-stroke.
== Books about mopeds ==
What category would those 70's and 80's books such as [[The Complete Book of Mopeds]] fall into?
Moped Books or Books about Mopeds?
I can write a review of the complete Book of mopeds and there's usually several other moped titles out there on E-bay and half dot com I could try to acquire for future entries.
== Movie section format ==
As I added the vid-caps from tron I noticed the thumbs were not in the right spot but I didn't want to break up the way it's formatted as it is.
When I add the spiderman vid-caps it'll be even a little more jumbled, is there something we can do to put the images next to the movie?

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