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=== Parts Resources ===
=== Parts Resources ===
* [http://www.treatland.tv/ Treatland Moped Super Disco - CA]
* [http://www.myronsmopeds.com/ Myron's Moped - CA]
* [http://www.myronsmopeds.com/ Myron's Moped - CA]
* [http://www.stevesmoped.com/ Steve's Moped - CA]
* [http://www.stevesmoped.com/ Steve's Moped - CA]

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1980 Vespa Grande
  • 49.9cc displacement
  • 12.10 (10mm) Dellorto SHA carburetor
  • 17" x 2.5" front
  • 16" x 2.75" rear
  • Dual variated with internal rear wheel transmission
  • 6v electrical system
  • Belt drive


Base Model

The Grande 048: This moped was made for the USA only and was designed to carry two people. It came with a 2 1/2"x17" front tire and a 2 3/4"x16" rear tire (they were available with spoke wheels and mag wheels on later Grandes), automatic variable transmission, telescopic front fork suspension, and rear hydraulic shock absorbers.

Super Deluxe

The Grande was also available as the "Grande Super Deluxe" which came with a battery and turn signals.

Deluxe and Gilera CBA

The Grande Deluxe was a later model and came with an oil injection system; these are very rare. There was also a European version of the Grande, called the CBA, but with a different motor and made by Gilera (a company also owned by Piaggio).

Performance Parts

A large number of performance parts exist for Vespas. Orginially found mostly overseas, but now readily available in the States, there are numerous performance pipes, carburetors (not really numerous, really only one), cylinders, engine cases, variators, CDIs, and crank shafts available to make these pretty quick bikes.

Performance Tuning

The most basic/common upgrade is a light performance exhaust, and a 13mm carburetor perhaps with a performance airbox such as the Malossi RedFilter, and some variator tuning.

Further tuning with cylinder kits and high end pipes will result in a very fast bike.

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Manual and Repair

Parts Resources