What Moped Army Really Is

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We're not an Army at all. We just say this to make ourselves feel tough. In reality we're just a bunch of geeks and nerds that banded together so we have better odds of not getting our asses kicked. We like to say that we go to Biker Bars just to make seem like we're Bad Asses. We really don't because we'd get our cowardly asses laughed right out of the place. When someone gets the better of us, we send them magazines through the mail because we'd get our asses kicked if we actually showed up to confront them in person. We go to other websites of a person that we don't like to instigate trouble for them though we always get banned when we make the first post. Most of us still live with our parents. A vast majority of us ride Mopeds because we're either too to get a license or have had it suspended for DUI. We all are very anti-constitutional and believe that every person should be a "sheeple" who's controlled.