Woolly Bullies

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Woolly Bullies
Los Angeles, Portland, DC, Boston... Four corners baby.
Official branch?no
RalliesNight of the Living Ped mini rally 2008
          Night of the Living Ped mini rally 2009
LA Ride Its Rally: Can't we all just ped along? 2010

Spawned by the leviathan, The Woolly Bullies mash streets of L.A. without rival. Chris H Bully is famous for Splitting lanes viciously with no brakes, a Ghetto Blaster, and sparking boots. Max Bully was once a pirate, but now prefers the titles of The Moped Daytrader, or Treasurer ad Infinitum. Regardless, he will smoke you downhill when there isn't a bee in his eye. Jose is the one that looks like a tweaker, doesn't give a fuck, and will stab you, but probably won't make the ride. Leslie Bully will make sure you are fabulous. She is the ambassador to the LA Tigers (RIP.) Drew Bully will make you the classiest dinner ever dinner. Mike Bully will be super nice to you and tell you to sleep on his floor; and then drink you under the table. Daniel (RIP) is in the process of fixing every moped you have ever laid eyes on. Dirty Danny will help you fix your ped if you stop buy his shop with some beer or vodka, Crystal represent Bullies in their Imperial ambitions, and has begun to spread Bullitude into the Portland area. Hillary, sister to Crystal, is the littlest bully... The Littlest Bully That Could. Robert Bully lives on the east coast now, when hes not busy blasting Khz (RIP) hes out giving the bullies a bad rep. Jason and Billy help the club span coast to Coast (Venice and D.C. respectively.) Chris Noyola newest bully will share the snacks his mom packed and get naked on the dance floor.

Bullies hold open arms to the West Coast, and degenerates gather from far and wide to participate in shenanigans. 

NOW WITH MORE Robert's rattail and less Robert!

un·couth/ˌənˈko͞oTH/Adjective 1. (of a person or their appearance or behavior) Lacking good manners, refinement, or grace: "he is unwashed, uncouth, and drunk most of the time". 2. (esp. of art or language) Lacking sophistication or delicacy

Roster: Chris Hernandez, 'Dirty' Danny Walker, Jose 'Pookie', Mike Jacobs, Charlie Mittens, Max 'Mojo' Shapiro, Daniel Nguyen (RIP), Crystal Andrew, Hilary Andrew, Jason Galvan, Drew Vuong, Billy Lucas, Robert 'Bully' Preciado, Scott Caputo, Chris Noyola

Honoraries: Caleb Anderson*, Michael Foti, Ben Miller, Nicholas 'Squidy' Avey

  • full member when in SF or further south.