Woolly Bullies

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Moped Gang |name=Woolly Bullies!!
Instagram @woollybullies
|members=20 |honorary=4 |founded=2007 |official= The Most
City=Los Angeles, Portland, Boston


Night of the Living Ped mini rally 2008
Night of the Living Ped mini rally 2009
LA Ride, Its a Rally: Can't we all just ped along? 2010
Blah Blah Blah! 2013
Night of the Living Ped Mini Rally 2014
Night of the Living Ped mini rally 2015

The Woolly Bullies mash streets of L.A. without rival.
We got couches, loaners and booze for day.....get at us.


1. (of a person or their appearance or behavior) Lacking good manners, refinement, or grace: "he is unwashed, uncouth, and drunk most of the time".
2. (esp. of art or language) Lacking sophistication or delicacy


'Fat' Chris (Hernandez)
Mike 'Man (Jacobs)
'Dirty' Danny (Walker)
Lemon (Crystal Andrew)
Max 'Mojo' (Shapiro)
Drew 'King of Cool' (Vuong)
Leslie 'Mittens' (WoollyMittens)
Pookie (Jose Padilla)
Scotty 'P' (Caputo)
Daniel 'Charlie' (Nguyen) (RIP)
Hilary Andrew
Robert 'Bully' (Preciado)
Jason Galvan
Billy 'Loose Ass' (Lucas)
Turtle (Chris Noyola)
Caleb Anderson
Josh Jontig
Matthew Louis Chevlen
Donavon 'Devo' (Harrold)
Jonathan 'Angel Hair/Hector' Sandoval

Michael Foti
Ben Miller
Nicholas 'Squinny' Avey