Woolly Bullies

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Spawned by the leviathan and your mother, The Woolly Bullies mash streets of L.A. with the ferocity that can only be fueled by the fires of hell itself. Chris Bully is famous for Splitting lanes viciously with no brakes, a Ghetto Blaster and sparking boots. Max Bully is a pirate that will smoke you downhill when there isn't a bee in his eye. Jose doesn't give a fuck and will stab you. Leslie Bully will make sure you are decorated with the newest Bully Fashion accessories, and that you are fucking fabulous looking. Drew Bully will have problems with his Garrelli. Mike Bully will be super nice to you and tell you to sleep on his floor; and then drink you under the table. Bullies hold open arms to the greater Southern California area, and brave souls venture from as far as Ventura County and San Diego to participate in shenanegans.