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Formally the Toledo Villains, the old name was proposed by an ex-member, it just didn't fit anymore.
"We should change the name to the Zeros because no one shows up and no one finishes anything lol well and the whole kamakize thing"- Chris Carsten
Founded in 2008, the Zeros are a group of mopeders from all over Toledo, who met through their shared love of these odd little bikes.  We now have a shop that we rent together, if you're in the area, drop us a line, and hang out. We can usually be found at the hq wondering why our bikes won't spark, mopeds i guess.
We hosted a small get together/rally last year and plan on doing the same this summer. We'll have the details coming soon, hopefully everyone can make it again. It was a blast last time around!
*Andy Scouten
*David Lewinski
*Chris Carsten
*Brian Berends
'''Former Villains we haven't herd from yet'''
*Nic Good
*Rob Presley
'''Two Stroke Titty Fuck 2011?'''
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