Airsal was founded in 1986 after twenty years of experience in the manufacturing of cylinder's for motorcycles and mopeds. They are located in Spain only 30km from Tecnigas. Airsal is a major producer of cylinders and bore kits under contract for popular names such as Metra Kit, Droppler, Conti and Bidalot.

Their expertise in the manufacture of aluminum cylinders using the Scaniment (Nickel-Silicon Carbide) process has made them one of Europe's leading producers. This is an extremely hard cylinder plating that resists wear considerably better compared to conventional cast iron cylinders. This combined with the benefit of aluminum for better cooling makes this a very durable cylinder.



Tomos a35 airsal 44-4-1-.jpg

The 44mm "70cc" Airsal is one of the most typical 70cc Tomos kits. A version with 10mm wristpin exists for the A3 engine, and with 12mm pin for the a35 engine, but transfers do not match the a55. Takes 2 44mm x 1.5mm FG rings. The intake fits the stock bolt pattern of the a35 cylinders, and numerous aftermarket intakes. Good power and rev.

A massive 47mm 74cc Airsal also exists, matching the puch version shown below. Available for a35 and a55


The typical puch airsal is a very standard aluminum 44mm "70cc" piston port kit. God budget kit, see also: Puch Kits Puch-airsal-47mm-EUROKIT-angle-2T-1-.jpg



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