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Intramotor Gloria Blanco

Manufactured for the US 1976–1979. Some models dating from 1975. The 1975 model came with a horn-headlight combo and no brake light. The Blanco came equipped with a Minarelli V1, Morini MO1, or a Verona.

  • Engine: Minarelli V1, Morini MO1, or a Verona
  • Carb: Dellorto SHA 14/12
  • Stock gearing: 11-44, 10-42
  • Top Speed: 25mph, 30mph
  • Weight: 98 lbs
  • Tires: 16" x 2.25"
  • Colors: Orange/silver, red/silver, blue/silver, green/silver, brown/beige


I took a bunch of measurements over the years on my 1978 Blanco. Here they are:

  • Rear shocks (eyelet to eyelet): 260mm
  • Front suspension: swinger forks. They look a lot like the Vespa Ciao springer forks, but the parts are not interchangeable. The springs are smaller than the one found on Ciaos (24mm OD, 14mm ID, 86mm long).
  • Headset: 25.4mm x 1.06mm
  • Fork tube length: 195mm
  • Petcock: knob type, 12mm x 1mm female thread coupler nut
  • Swingarm inner width at pivot: 115mm
  • Swingarm inner width at axle: 132mm
  • Swingarm total length from pivot center: 370mm
  • Swingarm length from pivot center to axle center at smallest chain adjustment position: 330mm
  • Swingarm length from pivot center to shock mount: 280mm
  • Gas cap diameter: 30mm
  • Rear sprocket: 40mm ID, mounting holes are 64mm eyelet to eyelet / 46mm eyelet to eyelet

Parts crossover and modifications

  • Honda Hobbit/PA50 forks fit almost seamlessly with the stock headset. I used washers between the legs and top plate. You have to grind the brake tab a little to use the stock front wheel. You can use the Hobbit front fender for a stock look.
  • Vespa Gilera Citta seats fit on the square seat post.
  • You can use Peugeot 30mm gas caps
  • The Puch gold petcock they sell at Treatland is a good replacement if the stock one is broken. You have to dent the side fairing a little to allow room for the knob. You can either mount the petcock at an angle of 45°, which puts the output towards the back, or ditch the brass tubing.
  • As with all Minarelli V1 bikes, Puch exhausts can be made to fit with a little dremeling of the mounting holes and a homemade rear bracket.
  • The Malossi reed block intake with the Minarelli V1 reed valve adapter plates sold at Treatland does fit on a Blanco, but you'll have to dent the gas tank a little and/or file a little bit the top of the reed block (near the bolt) to make it fit. You can still use the side fairing with an angled spigot rubber mount with PHBG style carbs.
  • You can use 280mm shocks at the rear and still use the center stand. Chain might rub on the swingarm though depending on your gearing.
  • Widen the the side fairings mounting holes to move them a little towards the front if you want to use wider rear shocks.



Intarmotor Gloria Blanco owner's manual

Minarelli V1 service manual

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