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The Bropeds

The Bropeds are from Bloomington, Indiana, founded in August 2007. We try to have rides every week but sometimes it's more like every three weeks. For the latest updates check out our awesome Facebook group.

Past rallies:

  • Brodeo
  • Brodeo II

Our History according to Kate:

Dallas bought a scooter. Then he bought a moped. The he sold the scooter. Then he bought another moped. Then Kate bought a moped. Then Dallas sold a moped to Matt. Then Michael bought a moped. Then Kate bought another moped. Then Dallas bought another moped. Then he bought another moped.

Oh yeah. The name Bropeds came from our buddy, Joe. At a party I talked to Joe about how I just got a sweet new moped. He replied with "Ha ha. I'm gonna start calling them bropeds." That's pretty much it.

BROPEDS -That about sums it up

spring 2015 update:

The Bropeds survive in semi-active form. We have wrench nights and rides once and a while. Current mopeders and their main moped:

  • Dallas B (Tomos Sprint) ...our founder, but his mopeds are broken
  • Eoban B (Honda Hobbit) ...he does what he can
  • Samuel S (Suzuki FA50) and nopeds
  • Lindsay W (Honda Express) ...someday her Express will run
  • Scott W (Honda Express) ...fixes Chinese scooters to pay the bills
  • Ryan B (Honda Express) ...if it ain't country it ain't music
  • Tyler M (Puch Maxi) ...hope his Puch is running soon
  • Michael S (Tomos LX) ...somehow his stock Tomos is the fastest
  • Alexis O (Tomos Sprint) ...ridin' every day but always alone

Former people:

  • Marshall R
  • Kate H
  • Art W
  • Kate W
  • Jenn G
  • Chris W
  • Lauren H
  • Brianne B
  • Sarah K
  • Clay S
  • Jake
  • Terrick B
  • Leah J

Probably others?