Clean Rusty Chrome

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So your chrome is dull, some rust may be peeking through. The only real way to make chrome look brand new is to strip it and have it re-chromed. Another option is to strip and sand the piece and paint it in a color of your choosing. == Polishing chrome == However, there are ways to polish dull and slightly rust damaged chrome to give it a near new appearance. An easy method involves using either WD-40 or Coca-cola and fine steel wool or tin foil to buff the chrome. Simply apply the liquid to the chrome piece to be cleaned and buff it with the steel wool or crumpled tin foil. This will shine the chrome and remove minor imperfections due to rust. However, it will not remove spots of major rust pitting or restore areas where the chrome has begun to flake off. This method also will not protect your chrome from rusting in the future. Polishing the chrome in this manner will leave the chrome with fine scratches that you would expect from a polished metal. Other options include using commercially ava Another way is to use an SoS pad or steel wool with white vinegar and baking soda. Be carefull when combing the baking soda and vinegar as it will fiss.