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A clutch puller is a tool for removing a clutch from the end of a shaft (such as the crankshaft). It typically functions by fastening to the clutch and using a screw to exert pressure on the shaft to which it is mounted.

Puch Clutch Puller

"So, I don't know if you guys know already or not, but the handlebar mount of a Puch Maxi, and likely others doubles as a clutch puller. Simply pass the M6 bolts through the mount, and then place a socket, rock, or whatever you have between the mount and crankshaft as a press arbor. Now, screw down on those M6 screws until your clutch pops off. Trust every time."

HINT: The stock mounting bolts on the bracket are M7s you're going to need to pick up 2 m6 bolts.


Honda Hobbit Clutch Puller

There are two pullers available for the Honda Hobbit, One is a puller that only pulls the front variator while the other is a Honda made puller that does both rear and front variator.

The rear is 24MM X 1.0 RH

While the Front is 24mm x 1.5mm

Note that the flywheel does not need a puller however there is a piece that will need to be pulled with a three or two arm puller.