Cuperteens Race Team

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The Cuperteens Race Team will be competing in the upcoming 2009 Polini Cup staged in Atwater, CA

Riders include Cuperteens:





Bikes will be:

-2 gilardoni'd Piston Port Derbis -1 Metra-kitted flat reeder on a garelli

-1 or 2 peugeot 103's, both malossi and polini, 1 being a rigid

-1 Herby

The team plans to have their bikes completed by the end of february, and begin testing and tuning at a Davis Kart track.

You can follow Zack's builds on his blog: [1]

2ndary updates (don't tell anyone about all this awesomeness):

-Another flat reed motor purchased, se we will have 2 75 (really 69.7cc) rippers

-Tom is going to have 2 derbis and his peugeot. Polini on one, Gila on the other.