Differences between Vespa Bravo and Grande rear shock mount

I had always in the past assumed that the Vespa Bravo and Grande subframes were interchangeable. Well for the most part they are. If you want to run a stripped down racer Bravo with no rear fender you can build with either subframe. Or if you want to build a grande with no rear buddy foot pegs, same thing, use either subframe.

But, if you plan on doing your build stock looking with all the cool features like painted fenders and chrome buddy pegs you will have to have the proper corresponding Vespa subframe for whichever Bravo or Grande your doing.

Because Vespa subframes are prone to self destruction from regular use. Owners often do repair mods or just shop for a used replacement.

Don't make the same mistake that I did and have your parts painted and ready to build only to discover that they wont fit. Assume nothing! These pictures will help you identify the small but important differences.

This picture shows a recent mistake I made of using a Grande subframe on a custom paint Bravo build. You can see that the Bravo rear fender braces are way off from lining up with the shock mount tab. With all Grande rear shock mounts the right angle of the tab faces the back.

Grande subframe shock tab

The Bravo rear shock mount tab, below, the right angle of the tab faces to the front.

Bravo shock tabs

If you try to use the Bravo subframe on a Grande build you will find that the chrome buddy peg bar will not line up on its mounting holes of the rear shock mounts. You night be able to just bend the front mounting tab to allow the bar to move forward so that the holes will align but you my smash up your rear fender when it rides down for bumps.

Buddy pegs not aligned

No Go

Also on the Grande, the front RH side has a big elongated cutout. This one pictured has a reinforcing plate welded to the inside to prevent cracks. It also has a kicked out area with two bolt holes for mounting the ignition coil.

Grande has long hole

The Bravo RH side has a smaller circular hole and the coil area is flat because the bravo uses a separate ignition coil mounting bracket.

Bravo has small round hole

If you have any questions about the tips I suggested, or are having trouble with the process or can suggest how I can correct a mistake I have made or to make the page better, contact [Cheetahchrome]