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Back in 2005 Brandon Compton and several other friends formed the Los Cowboys, which was a makeshift BMX, skate, and random crew.. Which in time many left and somehow the Los Cowboys grew into a moped/scooter club. Eventually, the poor thing didn't do so great and the moped/scooter side pretty much died off and Brandon was the only left with his beat down scooter. Riding home one night on that beat down 50cc Chinese scooter, Brandon was pulled over and was arrested for driving with a suspended driver's license and his scooter was impounded. *Note- His license was suspended do to unpaid surcharge fees.* Well after a fun 26 hours in Harris County Jail, Compton was free at last, FREE AT LAST, and went out on Craigslist to find himself another cheap ride to get to and from work. Well that is when luck shined down on him with a 1980 Peugeot 103 LVS US for over $500. Well being the poor kid that Brandon is he talked them down to $420 bucks and BAM! It was love at first sight with with became the Smurf Mobile.

Proud and excited about his new moped Brandon went out to show his friends and one was of them was Elias. Elias who had seen David Martinez's(a former member but still a friend of the Los Cowboys) Vespa Ciao before and Elias wasn't that much into mopeds. That was until he took a spin on Brandon's Smurf Mobile and feel in love with mopeds. After an extensive wait and searching, Brandon helped Elias find a 1978 Puch Maxi MKII for only $170 on good ole Craigslist. Soon after, Brandon got Jose hooked on mopeds and helped Jose fine his 78 Vespa Ciao Deluxe from a nearby friend and infamous/famous mechanic Keith. Down the way, Brandon got Ralph to cruise around on some of the mopeds too. Brandon had purchased a Tomos Targa and ended up selling it Ralph. [Dirty Coast Riders] [Our FB fan page]